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A Propane Leak Is Serious Business

A propane leak is not a joke. If you smell gas or otherwise suspect that there's been a leak, then you must act immediately. Do not use any electronics or strike any flames. Get away from the area and call for help right away. Read on to learn other essential safety tips.


When handled properly, propane is one of the safest fuels. Do you have questions about propane? Call us!


What to Do if You Smell Gas

  • Remove all smoking materials and flames/sparks.
  • Don’t turn on lights, appliances, or phones
  • Leave the area immediately
  • Shut off the main gas supply if it’s safe to do so
  • Call your propane dealer to report the leak
  • Don’t return until a qualified service technician says it’s safe
  • Check your system before using any propane appliances


Do You Suspect a Leak?

It's important that you don't wait for proof before you act. Treat each possible leak as though it's a serious one. The consequences could be fatal if not handled right.